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Customer Reviews

I started taking the Immune Vitality Max Package about 2 months ago, and I honestly feel amazing. I know during flu season we are all worried about getting sick. Both, my husband and I feel as healthy as ever. Vitamins D, C, Zinc, and Elderberry are all part of the Immune Vitality Max Package and we really do feel different. I appreciate all the research behind the products. I love that they are organic.
Taking Aging Backwards vitamins is part of our daily ritual!
Yes, we’d tell a friend to take these vitamins. Thank you Aging Backwards!

Randy & Kristy Kimball

We love putting whole, organic products into our bodies! Supplementation is so vital. Daily intake of the Immune Vitality Max Package helped us stay healthy and ward off sickness. D-Immune Vitality specifically boosted our energy levels. It felt good knowing that we were putting supplements into our bodies that were made of the highest quality. We will definitely continue to use these products!

Jason & Angie Lucas

My physician hubby, Ben, and I are two of the founders of Aging Backwards Wellness. I have the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis or MS. When all of the uncertainty came about in 2020 we were understandably nervous. Inevitably we got sick (TWICE) so we took the supplements that we sell here. We recovered both times without serious complications and minimized any long-term side effects that oftentimes accompanies the infection. We ABSOLUTELY stand by our products. They WILL help anyone--especially others like me with AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE.

Dr. Ben & Tami Wright

"I am generally a healthy person, but not even I am immune to the constant exposure to the common cold and other types of infections. I have three children, and if one becomes ill the rest are sure to follow; it is inevitable that I will eventually catch it. While taking a combination of the C-Immune Vitality, D-Immune Vitality, and Zinc Immune Vitality I found that my energy improved as well as my general well-being. When the cold made its rounds in our home, I was able to ward it off quickly."

Carissa Foscarini