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The Merging of Medicine With Wellness -- A True Story

An Entirely New, Sea-Change Approach To Autoimmune Disease & Chronic Illness

Aging Backwards is the merging of medical grade supplements and the latest, cutting-edge, scientific research with the principles of natural wellness and wholistic health. Our integrated, wellness model, the Wellness Protocol, and our medical-grade supplements were created by our founding doctors, Dr. Wright and Dr. Mount with help from a fellow #AutoimmuneWarrior, Tami Wright, for natural healing of those with autoimmune disease.

Our Why, Our Purpose, Our Mission

"Our personal mission and greatest hope is to provide consistent, long-term relief and vitality to those who suffer from autoimmune disease & chronic illness. These diseases touch every aspect of your life--beyond ravaging the body and mind they can be isolating and even worse, steal your hope.

The traditional medical approach to autoimmune and chronic disease can be summed up as follows: the endless treatment of symptoms (also known as SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT) without any real resolution while the root causes continue to fester.

Aging Backwards Wellness was born as an answer to the gaping question: Is the traditional medical approach--symptom management--really the only way? 

Seven years ago, one of our founders, Tami Wright, couldn't get up from a lying or sitting position without assistance as a result of the disease Multiple Sclerosis. She regularly missed out on family milestones with her husband and four young children. Desperate to find her way back to sustained, long-term health she prayed and with God's help went on a personal quest to truly understand the root causes of disease. In doing so she learned the secrets behind effective nutrition and supplementation combined with exercise, mindset and spirituality. Slowly but surely the answers she uncovered helped stymie and even reverse the damaging progression of MS. Now, today, Tami is an active, involved wife and mother who has taken up tennis as a regular hobby.

Her physician husband, Dr. Wright--a natural skeptic--noted her ongoing, increasing improvements along with the reversion of her disease. He delved into the scientific research to understand how and why Tami's efforts were working. What he discovered was the science and evidence was irrefutable in support of what his wife had learned. Dr. Wright became convinced that natural, wholistic means could in fact provide reliable, dependable and positive outcomes for those with autoimmune disease--as the same root causes are present across the spectrum of these chronic illnesses.

Dr. Mount, a friend of the Wrights and colleague to Dr. Wright, joined up with Aging Backwards as he too noted the spectacular results in Tami and her health."

Our Founders

Dr. Jason Mount

Jason Mount is board certified in emergency medicine and practices full-time in Georgia. A graduate from UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Mount fulfilled a partial residency in orthopedic surgery before completing his emergency medicine training in Los Angeles. He enjoys utilizing proven practices in eastern medicine, natural medicine, alternative therapies, and even spiritualism in the treating of chronic illness and trauma. 

Dr. Ben Wright

Ben Wright is board certified in emergency medicine and a graduate of the founding school of osteopathy (D.O.), Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. He chose to become a D.O. because of the focus on the whole person: mind-body-spirit. He completed his Emergency Medicine training in Cleveland, Ohio, through a program affiliated with Case Western University.

Dr. Wright has been impacted greatly by what he has observed of those who regularly come into the ER suffering from chronic illness and disease. After witnessing firsthand the transformation in his wife, Tami, in the years since her diagnosis with MS, he wants to help others reach the same quality of life she now enjoys.

Tami Wright

Tami Wright is a devoted wife and a busy mom of 4 beautiful children. She is an #AutoImmuneWarrior and #MSWarrior having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in June of 2015. Tami was raised with a love of natural wellness because of the influence of her Chiropractor father and health-conscious mother. Losing her health while being a mom was the hardest thing she's ever been through.

Gratefully, Divine Providence led her back to the roots of natural wellness she was raised with--and that is where things really turned around for her. She loves to share her health journey in hopes that others with autoimmune or chronic disease will experience, to one degree or another, their own transformation back to wellness.