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✓ Clinically Researched Ingredients
✓ Medical Grade Supplements
✓ Only Available For Purchase Through Our Physicians

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Why Did We Create Our Immune Vitality Max Package?

We created The Immune Vitality Max for a few reasons. 

There is a lot of FEAR and ANXIETY AROUND IMMUNITY in this time of widespread illness. Our Immune Vitality Max Package is a whole new approach to addressing, balancing, and supporting the immune response of YOU our #AutoimmuneWarrior. It combines all the essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients proven to help boost and maintain a healthy immune response. Our Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Elderberry supplements are specifically formulated for YOU The #AutoimmuneWarrior. Scientific research shows that taking a daily dose of these supplements is essential to proper immune function. Drs. Mount and Wright here at Aging Backwards Wellness suggest, at a minimum, taking the aforementioned supplements. Scientific research has proven they are not only THE MOST EFFECTIVE but THE MOST VITAL supplements for optimizing and boosting your immune system. (Hence why the word "Vitality" is included in the name of each product.)


The first step toward true wellness with autoimmune disease is to ensure your immune system is balanced and fine tuned. Step 1 of Our Wellness Protocol provides the framework for this vital step via the 3 pillars of health: nutrition, whole mind-body-spirit wellness, and supplementation.

Our C-Immune Vitality, D-Immune Vitality, Zinc Immune Vitality, Elderberry Immune Vitality make up the supplementation pillar of this important, foundational step.


For the #AutomimmuneWarrior it's important to NOT give the immune system any reason to "flare up". Drs. Mount and Wright have gone to great pains to ensure that our prouducts are autoimmune-friendly by omitting any and all artificial ingredients, toxic fillers, and dyes. You can rest assured every ingredient in each of our products is of the highest quality and purity. They are non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten Free. What you read on the label is not only fully supported by the most recent, peer-reviewed scientific research but also backed by our 100% 100-day money back guarantee. We are so confident of the effectivieness of our products that you may return any product for any reason and receive a 100% refund. (We will even provide a return shipping label for you free of charge!)


Our supplements can only be sold by medical physicians further solidifying their outstanding superiority in the supplement market place!

Yes, you can go to your local drugstore or grocery store today and buy a version of these supplements. However, buying any supplement you find labeled Vitamins D and C, Zinc, or Elderberry isn’t enough. The supplement industry is not closely regulated by the FDA. The only thing supplement companies are required to do with accuracy is to list WHAT ingredients the supplement contains – not HOW MUCH of each ingredient. Again, the amounts listed on other supplement ingredient labels may or may not be accurate and, consequently, the recommended daily dosage shown on the label may or may not be enough. Finally, the appropriate amount of each supplement to take will be affected by other variables such as whether or not you are currently healthy, on the verge of getting sick, or already sick.


In order for your immune system to be truly optimized, you should ensure that the supplements you take check off ALL of the following:

    • Accurate labeling certified by an independent third party
    • Medical grade: backed by the latest scientific research
    • Physician recommended
    • Natural and non-GMO product
    • Filler ingredients of only the purest and cleanest type
    • No artificial colors, preservatives, and sugars (including unhealthy sugar alcohols such as aspartame)
    • Maximum, safest dosage possible per capsule



We fully publish all the research behind every product. Read our "7 Step Guide" to optimal immune response to learn more about the science and research behind Infection Protection.

The Immune Vitality Max Package Scientific References

D-Immune Vitality Max (Vitamin D)


C-Immune Vitality (Vitamin C)


Zinc Immune Vitality (Zinc)


Elderberry Immune Vitality (Elderberry, Shiitake Mushrooms, Wild Cherry Bark)


10,000 IU per capsule Vitamin D with Vitamins K1 and K2 (for optimal absorption and to keep your vessels and soft tissues healthy and pliable).
Retail Price $42.60 Immune Vitality Max Package Price: $31.95

600 MG per capsule of Vitamin C combined with other immune-supportive bioflavonoids such as Quercetin, Hesperidin, and Rutin 
Retail Price $35.19 Immune Vitality Max Package Price: $26.39

30 MG per capsule of of Zinc with essential B2 and B6 vitamins and mineral molybdenum
Retail Price $19.92 Immune Vitality Max Package Price: $14.94

200 MG of Elderberry per mL (approx. 1 dropper full--dropper included). Ingredients, such as elderberry, shiitake, and wild cherry bark, are known for their beneficial effects for maintaining a healthy immune system 
Retail Price $46.55 Immune Vitality Max Package Price: $34.91

"Supplementation is so vital! Daily intake of the Immune Vitality Max Package helped us stay healthy and ward off sickness. D-Immune Vitality specifically boosted our energy levels. It felt good knowing that we were taking supplements that were made of the highest quality. We will definitely continue to use these products!"

Jason & Angie Lucas

JAN 2022

"One of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy is to make sure that we get the right nutrients. I have been taking the supplements in the Immune Vitality Max Package and I can honestly say that I have noticed that I feel better, recover faster when I'm sick, and have more energy. They should be taken every day."

Kellie Brudnicki

FEB 2022

" I have three children, and if one becomes ill the rest are sure to follow; it is inevitable that I will eventually catch it. While taking the Immune Vitality Max Package I found that my energy improved as well as my general well-being. When the cold made its rounds in our home, I was able to ward it off quickly."

Carissa Foscarini

Feb 2022

Written by an anonymous user on

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Cut The Cord of Fear

Be assured knowing you are taking supplements specifically formulated for the #AutoimmuneWarrior to help enhance and support the natural infection-fighting abilities of your own body.
Stop living in fear and start living your life TODAY!

Balance Your Immune System

The first step toward total and whole-body wellness with autoimmune illness begins with balancing your immune system. Our Immune Vitality Max Package provides the necessary supplements to aid in propelling you forward on your wellness journey!

Only Simple, Pure Ingredients...Medical Grade Too!

Our physicians, Drs. Mount and Wright, have carefully and selectively chosen each and every ingredient found in our products based on the latest scientific research--including those ingredients that are part of our Immune Vitality Max Package. The objective is to ensure they will boost AND NOT flare your immune system!

Our Premier Vitamin D Product

10k International Units of Highly Absorbable Vitamin D In Every Dose
✓ Research Shows Vitamin D Is Much Lower In Individuals With Autoimmune Disease And Other Chronic Illnesses
Take Daily For Prevention and Optimal Health and Immune System Maintenance
✓ Helps Rebuild The Lining Of The Gut
    A Healthier Gut: 
    → Helps Decrease Autoimmune Reactions
    → Tampers Down Inflammation & Flareups
✓ Contains Vitamins K1 & K2
    Vitamins K1 & K2:
    → Prevent Tissue Hardening Ensuring Soft And Pliable Tissues
    → Decreases Potential Adverse Effects From Vitamin D Supplementation✓ Contains Trans-Geranylgeraniol (GG)
.   → Boosts your energy on the cellular level
    → Helps With Youthfulness By Preventing Muscle Loss With Age

It's Like Swallowing Sunshine!

600 Milligrams of Vitamin C From Ascorbic Acid, Acerola Fruit And Plant Bioflavonoids In Every Dose
Take Daily For Prevention And Immune System Maintenance
Research Shows Vitamin C Can Help You Recover From Infection 3-Days Faster
✓ C-Immune Vitality Contains Additional Immune Supporting Bioflavinoids Such as Hesperidin, Rutin, and Quercetin
✓ C-Immune Vitality Can Help Prevent Or Reduce The Out-Of-Control Immune Response That Leads To Complications & Hospitalization From More Recent Viral Infections
Beyond Supporting Basic Immune System Response C-Immune Vitality Also Is:
    → A Builder Of Collagen Which Aids In Recovery From Infection Or Injury
    → A Powerful Antioxidant To Defend Tissues Against Harmful Byproducts Of The Immune System's Natural Weapons Used To Kill Viruses & Bacteria
    → ABSOLUTELY Essential To Take Daily Because Your Body Doesn't Store Vitamin C

Tastes better than cough syrup and is BETTER FOR YOU!

Approximately 1mL of Natural Compounds Of Elderberry, Shiitake Mushroom, & Wild Cherry Bark In Every Dose
✓ Tastes Great & Is Ideal For Both Adults & Children
    → Sweetened With Glycerin
Take Daily For Prevention and Optimal Health and Immune System Maintenance
✓ Natural Compounds That Support Normal Immune Function Such As:
    → Natural Killer Cell Activity
    → Cytokine Synthesis
    → T-Cell and B-Cell Mediated Responses
✓ Antiviral Properties That Can Help Protect Against All Kinds Of Viruses, Namely The Flu
✓ Research Shows Elderberry Immune Vitality:
.   → Reduces Duration Of The Flu By 2 To 4 Days
    → May Protect From Viral Infection Those With Chronic Disease (Such As Autoimmune Disease And Cancer)

ZINC - An Outstanding Bug Fighter!

30 Milligrams Of The Purest Quality Of Zinc In Every Dose
✓ Zinc Is An Essential Mineral
  → Historically, Autoimmune Disease Sufferers Are Low On Zinc
✓ It Helps Fight Infection & May Prevent More Severe Symptoms Of COVID-19
Take Daily For Immune System Maintenance & Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
✓ Prevents An Overactive Immune Response  
    → Tampers Down Inflammation & Flareups
    → Crucial For Correct Immune System Reaction To Infection
    → Can Help Minimize Autoimmune Reactions To Viruses
✓ It's Good For Kids Too--Keep Your Kids Healthy & Happy
✓ Strengthens The Lining Of Your Intestines
.   → Prevents Germs From Moving From The Intestines To The Bloodstream
    → Helps With Youthfulness By Preventing Muscle Loss With Age


If you do not love our Immune Vitality Max Package for any reason return some or all bottles for a complete refund.
Simply get in touch with us via chat, email, or phone.